1We deliver groceries and other goods from real stores in your area. Therefore, the delivery time is being shortened.
2Our employees carefully and responsibly collect goods for you, choosing the freshest and highest quality. As for ourselves! :)
3For recurring purchases You can use Wish Lists, as well as reuse previous orders.
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  • You are running out of food or household goods
  • You are planning a corporate party in the office
  • You want to arrange meals for yourself or Your employees in the office
  • You are bored with routine and monotonous shopping trips
  • You are caring for children, so the time is sorely lacking
  • Guests have unexpectedly come to you, the refrigerator is empty, but leaving guests alone is impolite
  • You or your loved ones feel bad, so you have no time for shopping
  • There is an interesting movie or a match on TV, and Your wife pushes You to the store! :)
  • It's too bad ( or too good ) weather to go shopping...
...And we are always around!