All information received from our clients, including addresses, telephones, history of orders made, etc., is used by us solely for the purpose of providing high-quality services.

    All data on our clients is kept in strict confidentiality and is not passed on to third parties. At the same time, none of your data, except for the order history and the current order, is displayed on the site, even in your account.

    For security reasons, any orders received by us from our customers are accepted for execution only after the order is confirmed by a phone call from one of the officially announced phones of our service to the customer's phone number specified during registration in our system.

    Each order, which is placed in our system, has its own unique number and serves as a confirmation that the courier arriving at your place represents our delivery service and fulfills your order.

    If other users have access to the computer from which you place an order on our website, we strongly recommend that you do not save passwords if it is suggested by your browser. It is also advisable to log out of your account (the “Log out” button in the upper right corner of the site) or close the browser if you are away from your computer.