How we work

    Delivery service  "Za Pokupkami!"  works in order to simplify your life and save your precious time, energy and nerves.

    For this, we are always ready to deliver  food and other goods to your home or office . Products can be conveniently selected and ordered  through electronic store catalogs on our website, indicating your wishes for any selected product (if necessary).


    Shopping at your favorite stores!

    The peculiarity of our service  is that we deliver goods NOT from "virtual" ones, but from completely ordinary,  known to you  city shops , which are our partners.

    Perhaps you are already accustomed to regular purchases in some stores,  trust the quality of their products and the level of their service. Now you have the opportunity to purchase goods in these stores without leaving your home or place of work.


    You may need our services if...

    For those who already understand the necessity and usefulness of the "Za Pokupkami!" Delivery service, there is no need to explain anything.

    But if you have no idea in what cases our service may be useful to you , or while you are skeptical about ordering goods (and even more so, products) via the Internet, please  check out the most frequent situations, our help in which may be extremely desirable for you...


    How to become our client?

    Visitors to our site, who are not yet our regular customers and are not registered on our site, can see the assortment of the stores we have, however, the possibility of ordering and delivering goods for them may be closed.

    In order to become our client, you need to register on our service using a  special registration form  on our website.


    Delivery of goods

    Most of the products presented on our website are available for ordering and delivery to our customers.

    However, some positions of elite and other goods may be presented only for acquaintance with the assortment of the store. Such products are not available for delivery (as indicated by the corresponding mark on the product page), but you can purchase them directly in the store.


    Shipping cost and desired minimum basket amount

    Delivery service  "Za Pokupkami!"  serves its customers on an ongoing basis. However, there is no subscription fee.

    Shipping costs and the minimum basket amount are determined separately for each store, and in some cases - for the client.

    If a store has a minimum order value, then when ordering for a lower amount, the shipping cost is set at the minimum shipping cost for that store (which may be more expensive than the shipping cost for an order equal to or greater than the minimum order value).

    The administration of our delivery service reserves the right to change the delivery cost, the minimum basket amount, as well as any other numbers, prices, personal discounts and surcharges, notifying their customers about this.


    Terms and delivery time

    Standard delivery times by our service: 

    • Regular delivery  - when ordering before 14.00, goods are delivered until 21:00. When ordering after 14.00, the goods are delivered until 14.00 the next day. However, in each case we try to fulfill the order as soon as possible within a few hours of the same day.
    • Express delivery, up to 3 hours  from the moment the order is confirmed by our manager.

    Express shipping costs are calculated separately for each of these options based on the cost of regular shipping and are indicated on the checkout page.


    We choose the best for you!

    Can a delivery service be entrusted with such a delicate process as, say, regular grocery shopping?

    Of course! After all, we do not just deliver goods, but also carefully and carefully select them from store shelves, precisely following your detailed instructions.

    To do this, when ordering on the site, you have the opportunity to indicate your wishes for each selected product (expiration date, color, type, etc.).

    Everything works roughly as if the wife sent her neat husband to the store with her exact instructions and strict requirements for some products.

    So now you can rely on our employees. We will choose the freshest and highest quality product from the shelves, pack it carefully and deliver it to you with care.


    We remember your preferences

    It's no secret that any housewife has special preferences and habits when choosing certain products. And not only the hostess - almost every customer has special habits when buying various goods.

    We took this into account too!

    By becoming our regular customer, you get the opportunity to maintain, edit and add to your personal list of preferences, which we study before choosing and delivering goods for you.

    So, we do not need to repeat your wishes twice - it is enough to describe them once.


    We are on the buyer's side!

    Considering that our service does not represent any one particular store, we work on the side of buyers and follow, first of all, the interests of buyers.

    After all, there is no need for us to sell all the goods on the shelves, on the contrary, we are interested in meeting the needs of our customers (but, of course, within reason).


    How to place an order and receive a product?

    In order to place an order in our delivery service (provided that you have already become our client, that is, you have been registered on our website), you should do the following:

    1. Log in to our site by entering your username and password at the top right of the site.

    After that, you will be able to order products from your "favorite stores", as well as some other options that you can access from your personal menu (menu in the upper right part of the screen).

    2. Select from the list of your “favorite stores”  (in your personal menu in the upper right part of the screen) or on the main page of the site where you want to purchase goods using our service.

    3. Sequentially add all the necessary products to your cart  by clicking on the "Add" button on the product page or directly on the department page with a list of products.
    In this case, the added products and their quantity you can also see in the list of products in your basket on the right side of the screen. 

    Please note that while on the cart page, you can enter your special wishes for this product (date of manufacture, color, type, etc.).

    Thus, some (or even all) of the products in your order may contain separate notes, which will save you and us from unpleasant surprises.

    By the way, you can then change the quantity (weight) of the product and the notes by going to your shopping cart.

    Please note that you can add products from only one store to one order. That is, it is impossible to add products from different stores to one order. Therefore, if you need to purchase goods from different stores, you will have to make several separate orders in turn.

    If you change your mind about shopping in one store and decide to choose products from another, you will first need to empty your cart, and only then add products from another store.

    4. Go to your shopping cart  (on the right side of the screen) by clicking on the "Enter" button under the list of your selected products.

    If necessary, correct the quantity (weight) of goods, notes to the goods and click the "Update cart" button.

    If some products were added by you by mistake, you can remove them from the cart by marking them in the “Remove” column and then clicking on the “Update cart” button.

    5. After finishing adding goods to the cart  and specifying all the necessary parameters and notes, you can proceed to placing an order by clicking on the "Checkout" button.

    On the page "Your basket: checkout" you need to select your address for delivery (if more than one of your addresses is registered in our system, for example, work and home), the type of order urgency (the cost of delivery is the higher, the higher the urgency), comments to the entire order, as well as the preferred delivery time.

    If an order is generated by our manager under your guidance by phone, the cost of the order is increased by the amount specified in the "Surcharge for placing an order by phone" field (if such a field is available).

    6. After clicking on the "Check order" button, you will be taken  to the page for the final check and final confirmation of the order "Your basket: check the placed order!"

    If any data is not correct and you want to change it, click on the "Change order" button.

    In order for our managers to start processing the order, you just have to click on the "Send order for execution" button. In this case, your order will go to our managers, and it will also be available to you for viewing in the "My Orders" section in your personal menu.

    7. Having received your order, our manager will contact you  to confirm your desire to use our services.

    8. After that, our staff will clarify  whether all the products you have selected are in stock at the moment.

    Some products from your list may not be in stock in the store you selected, while prices for other products may slightly change. This is quite possible, because the assortment and prices of goods in stores are constantly updated, and goods are replenished as they run out.

    In addition, some of your wishes (which you could indicate for any product during the formation of the order) may be, for objective reasons, impracticable at the moment.

    In this case, our manager will contact you and agree on price changes, replacement or exclusion of goods from your order.

    9. After final confirmation and agreement with you on  all the details (including delivery time), your order will be accepted for execution.

    Our courier will receive the goods of your order and deliver them to you at the agreed address at the appointed time.

    Payment for the order is made at the time of  receipt of the goods.


    Return and exchange of delivered goods

    You can make a claim to the delivery service only at the time of the delivery of the goods delivered to you by our courier.

    Before accepting the delivered goods from the courier, you will need to check and confirm the compliance of your order with the quantity and quality (which is assessed exclusively visually, without printing the goods) of the delivered goods.

    If the quantity or quality of some of the delivered goods does not suit you, the courier will promptly replace or return the specified goods.

    If you have any claims for a specific order after the signing of the acceptance certificate, such claims are considered in a special order.

    In addition, claims may arise against the store or manufacturer. In this case, our service will make every effort (within reasonable limits) to help you resolve disputes or disagreements with the store or manufacturer.


    History of your orders

    As noted earlier, your orders accepted for processing by our service also go into your order history.


    Site services for your convenience

    Both our clients and other site visitors can take advantage of various convenient features that we have prepared for them:

    1. Directory of manufacturers and suppliers

    It's no secret that a manufacturer or supplier of a product largely determines our attitude or trust in such a product. Therefore, the more we know about the manufacturer / supplier, the more confident we make our choice.

    Our system constantly accumulates and supplements information on various manufacturers and suppliers of goods. Thus, if the product you are viewing, for example, is made by a manufacturer for which we have information, you can go to the page with the description of this manufacturer by clicking on its name in the product description.

    You can also familiarize yourself with the list of manufacturers and suppliers for which we have descriptions in a special section of our website, in which companies are grouped by type of activity.

    2. Feature articles on goods and services

    It's good to always have useful information on hand on any product or service that you intend to purchase, right?

    Of course, you can always run your favorite search engine and find such information. However, in order to find something worthwhile, you will need to spend some time sorting through and sifting through a lot of useless data.

    But to save your time, we have created on the site special sections with articles, descriptions and reference data on various goods and services, materials in which are conveniently grouped by topic.

    We are constantly searching and systematizing data on various goods and services, and the most interesting and useful articles and other data are added to this section.

    But the most interesting feature of this section is the access to its articles directly from the description of the departments and products presented on our website! 

    So, if there are any articles on our site related to the department or product you are currently viewing, the list of these articles is displayed in the description of the department or product on the "Reference data, articles" tab.

    Thus, you can not search for information in the section with articles, but quickly get a list of articles that may interest you.


    Feedback from stores

    Not the last place among the convenience for you of our service is the possibility of feedback from stores, and in some cases from manufacturers. After all, now you can express any wish or claim to the other side, and your opinion will be taken into account.

    Please note that you can also express your opinion about the work of real stores, their assortment, level of service, etc. the shops.


    Respect for mutual interests

    As a liaison between the stores and you, the customers, we always try to respect the interests of both parties and prevent possible unresolved issues or disagreements between you and the stores.

    For this, we have developed a flexible policy for resolving disputes and misunderstandings between stores and customers, convenient rules for the return and exchange of goods, as well as other provisions.

    Thus, any question that arises regarding the quality of the goods or service of the store, you can also solve with our help.


    Book of complaints and suggestions

    For any questions, any suggestions or complaints regarding our work, you can contact our subscriber department using the feedback form. Of course, we will try to resolve your questions as soon as possible.


    Mutual trust is above all!

    We respect our clients and always make every effort to provide them with the highest quality services.

    In addition to, in fact, high-quality and convenient delivery, we strictly follow the wishes of our customers, take into account their opinions and preferences, add new convenient services and opportunities within the services of our service.

    At the same time, we also expect from our clients a respectful and tolerant attitude towards our work and towards our employees. Indeed, without mutual understanding, it is impossible to provide high-quality services and resolve possible disputes.

    Unfortunately, in case of dishonest or disrespectful attitude of our clients to our employees or to our service, we reserve the right to refuse to provide services to such clients in order to prevent poor quality of our work.


    Privacy and security issues

    All information received from our clients, including addresses, telephones, history of orders made, etc., is used by us solely for the purpose of providing high-quality services.

    All data on our clients is kept in strict confidentiality and is not passed on to third parties. At the same time, none of your data, except for the order history and the current order, is displayed on the site, even in your account.

    For security reasons, any orders received by us from our customers are accepted for execution only after the order is confirmed by a phone call from one of the officially announced phones of our service to the customer's phone number specified during registration in our system.

    Each order, which is placed in our system, has its own unique number and serves as a confirmation that the courier arriving at your place represents our delivery service and fulfills your order.

    If other users have access to the computer from which you place an order on our website, we strongly recommend that you do not save passwords if it is suggested by your browser. It is also advisable to log out of your account (the “Log out” button in the upper right corner of the site) or close the browser if you are away from your computer.


    We wish you a happy shopping!