Commercial offer

    For FMCG companies

    Connect Your store or other establishment to our system, and You, in the shortest possible time and, the most important - FOR FREE, will receive a working electronic store (within our system), as well as a delivery service!


    You will be interested in our offer if You represent:

    • grocery store, supermarket,
    • pet-shop, 
    • fast food restaurant, cafe, etc.
    • flower shop,
    • a company, selling gifts and goods for celebration,
    • or another trading establishment ...



    Basic Provisions

    • Portal "Za Pokupkami!" is an electronic hypermarket with its own delivery service.
    • The main offer for buyers is a convenient selection of goods on the site and ordering of delivery from real stores collected in one place, which buyers know and potentially trust to.
    • From the partner's point of view, the system is built on as an electronic trading platform, where you can place goods from Your store or other establishment. 
    • However, unlike other electronic platforms, we take on (or actively supervise) the main tasks for the initial setup and further maintenance of the electronic store and delivery system.

    Benefits for partners

    • Your store will be presented on our portal as a separate independent unit with its name, logo, address, description and banner in the "header" of the site (which is present on any page of your store).
    • On a separate page with a detailed description of your establishment, you can describe in detail all your advantages, show photos of your interiors, products, etc.
    • Your products are displayed on the site in a certain order agreed with You, hierarchy (nesting by department).
    • If You do not have photos of your products, we will help You to take high-quality photos of them for use in your e-shop on our portal.
    • For the convenience of buyers, we will assign specific treats to your products, by which they can be filtered on the site and quickly found the ones You need. For example, a product type, taste for juice, content for a dish, fat content for dairy products, etc. 
    • Synchronizing the availability and prices of the nomenclature of Your institution with an electronic store is one of the most important and complex aspects of the system. We will arrange this process together with You, taking into account the accounting system for Your goods (usually this is one of the 1C configurations, but there may be something else) and our developed stuff.
    • On Your pages You can place advertisements, promotions, hot offers, descriptions of Your own products, etc.
    • You can assign discounts and promotional offers to Your products.
    • It is possible to display prices for goods only to registered users of the portal.
    • We will develop and conduct a joint advertising campaign with You (online and offline), using both our developments and Your existing advertising materials.
    • Our portal has an extensive information section with articles on various products categorized. Thus, Your potential customers can get to Your store using a link from a feature article;
      • And, conversely, for the convenience of our clients, on each page with Your product there will be a list of links to articles related to the category of the current product.
    • Your e-shop in our system is also Your e-shop showcase window. That is, it can also be used by customers who want to evaluate the assortment of Your establishment before visiting You.
    • In addition, a large number of pages with Your products appear on the Internet, and in fact, with Your advertising.
      • So we seriously increase Your presence in the advertising space, which affects the increase in popularity, trust and the overall positive rating of Your institution in a highly competitive environment.
    • Since there are other stores in the system (like in a hypermarket), users can easily get to Your e-store from a neighboring store on our website.
    • Our service is constantly evolving, taking into account the wishes of our partners and customers!
      • So over time, we will have new interesting and convenient opportunities for both our end customers and partners.

    Options for cooperation and mutual settlements

    • Delivery of goods from Your establishment can be carried out by both our couriers, or Your own, if you have Your own delivery service.
    • In the case of the participation of our couriers, we take on the main issues of selecting the right products and controlling their quality (reducing the risk for the store to be accused by customers of an expired or low-quality product).
    • The end customer pays for the order directly to Your establishment and receives Your check.
    • Our interest is in a certain percentage agreed upon with you from the cost of goods sold / delivered with our participation, plus the cost of the courier's work, if our couriers work.
      • Payment for our work is carried out under a service agreement on a monthly basis, upon the fact of goods sold, delivered.
      • In fact, for you, such a process looks like sales with a discount on a discount card.
    • Attention! Promotion!
      • At the time of launching and testing Your electronic store, the above percentage of our remuneration is equal to ZERO!

    We are ready for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!

    For suggestions and questions, please contact us through the contact form.